Spring Coloring Pages


14 pages

7 with dot art painting circles

7 without dots

Bilingual Vocabulary Words


** Bilingual Spring Vocabulary Dot Painting, Dot Marker Art, Coloring Pages **

Spring Coloring Pages will help:

Unleash the artistic spirit in your little ones with our Bilingual Spring Vocabulary Dot Painting Pages. Designed for use with paint or dot markers, these ten delightful pages offer a world of vibrant colors and imaginative possibilities.


How To Use:

1. Download to your computer

2. Print Out as many copies as you need

3. Provide Paint and Q-tips, Markers, Crayons, or Dot Markers of all different colors

**Why Choose Our Dot Painting Pages?**

– Educational Fun: Develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity in an enjoyable and educational way.

– Gives Kids or Kids at heart an opportunity to express their artistic side.


YOU CAN DOWNLOAD AS PDF to print if you wish. 


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