Hi everyone! What a busy start to the summer, I am back after a busy month of June. I was occupied with taking care of my family’s dogs. Can you believe there were 4 dogs I got to watch? The dogs are: Mochi, Coco, Bon Bon, and Frida. Out of the four dogs, my favorite is Mochi because she is so fluffy and cute. She likes to beg for food every chance she gets. The youngest of the four is Frida, she is only 3 months old and loves to play with dog toys. Then there are the two older doggos, Coco and Bon Bon who are actually brothers but live in two different households. I love dogs and it made me think about Bilingual Books about dogs that may be out there.  

Go check out the following Bilingual Books about dogs: 

1. El Perro En Sombrero – Bilingual Picture Book

A dog named Pepe with no family and no home is living in the street hungry and lonely. Suddenly, a hat flies off the balcony of a hat shop nearby and lands on his head. This brings him a lot of perks because suddenly a grocer gives him a bone, a movie director hires him for his movies and it made him famous and rich. The only issue was that all Pepe wanted was to have a family to love. Enjoy this read aloud here

2. Biscuit’s Big Word Book English and Spanish // El gran libro de las palabras de Bizcocho en ingles y espanol

 A great Beginner Bilingual Book, this is not a Bilingual Book about Dogs, but it does have a dog named Biscuit. I recommend this book for toddlers or school aged kids in a dual language class. It has English and Spanish words with illustrations and that includes numbers. 

3. Perro grande… Perro pequeño / Big Dog… Little Dog (Spanish and English Edition)

Fred is a Big Dog and Ted is a Little Dog, they are great friends who do things together. They go for a ride in a car, they go for a walk, they enjoy each others company. This Bilingual Book has a read aloud video you can find here

4. Frog Meets Dog / Rana conoce Perro (Bilingual)

This book is full of repetitive words that can help your littles be a part of the read aloud by pointing to the words in the illustrations. The English version is available here. You can find a Bilingual Version of the book on the linked title above.  

5. Mi Perro Solo Habla Espanol (Spanish Edition)

A book about a girl named Aurora that as an immigrant that comes to this country learns English but her cute dog only understands Spanish. This book is authored and illustrated by Venezuelan-American Andrea Caceres. I love this book because it sheds a light on someone that is learning a new language and getting acclimated to a new culture. It is extra adorable because the dog is very cute and receptive to their owners requests.

6. Perros! Perros! // Dogs! Dogs!

Join different kinds of dogs on their adventure. This bilingual book will show you a Big dog and a Perro chico. Perro lento and Fast Dog. They all seem to be running towards a destination. A great read with your young readers to help them compare and contrast different features and adjectives. 

7. Spot Goes to the Park // Spot Va al Parque

Spot, es un perro travieso, that goes off to the park for a fun-filled day. Follow his exciting journey as he meets new friends, plays games, and enjoys the outdoors. This English classic will captivate young dog loving readers!  Enjoy a Spanish read aloud video here.

8. Biscuit // Bizcocho

Another one of Biscuit’s books available for young readers and teachers alike! As you may or may not know, Biscuit, is an adorable and adventurous puppy that loves to explore! He goes through his world and learns valuable life lessons along the way. Disfruta all the charming illustrations and simple bilingual text, perfect for early bilingual readers. 

9. If You Give a Dog a Donut 

This is an English book that teaches young readers about sequence. This a series by Laura Numeroff that started with: If you give a Mouse a Cookie, one of my favorite books. What will happen if you give a dog a donut? Fun Fact: I dressed up as this book character for Character Day at my school. If you want to dress up as the dog with a donut for such an event, or even Halloween, you can buy the donut blow up pool float here

10. Clifford the Big Red Dog // Clifford, el Gran Perro Rojo

If you are a millenial like me, you more than likely ran into picture books about Clifford the Big Red Dog as a kid. Join Emily Elizabeth and her lovable giant, Clifford, on their thrilling adventures in this bilingual classic. From their small town to the big city, Clifford’s enormous heart and gentle nature will win over readers of all ages!

Thank you

Thank you for reading this blog post! If you have a dog or several dogs at home or love dogs in someone else’s home, I really hope that you get to enjoy their company and get to snuggle up with them and a very good book. 


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