One Word… Convenience. That’s what my experience with Digital Games has been.  There are so many out there on the inter-webs. You can search on Google or Tiktok and find a few recommendations. I checked out a website called Games by Tim. Games by Tim is a website where you can make any type of game for free. A great resource for those of us that are on a limited budget but still want to make learning fun!

Digital Games are gaining so much popularity in the classroom. I have personally used games purchased through Teachers Pay Teachers with my students. I downloaded games for Google Slides, because that is what I know what to use and what is accessible to me.

Making Digital Games

Making Digital Games is a different story. Recently I was able to invest in a course By Toney In First that teaches people how to make digital games. I kind of knew some of the elements used to make these types of games but didn’t know the exact detailed formula. It’s really fun to do and once you get a theme or story you roll with it and tweak it to what you would want students to practice. 

There are different types of digital games too! There is the Drag and Drop type of game, where you drag an object over to a desired spot in the game.  This type of game doesn’t require the “Slideshow” button to be activated.  You simply use it while in drafting or editing mode within the google slide presentation. 

Then there’s the Slideshow Mode type of game. This is where you click on the “Slideshow” Button and then click on certain parts of the screen to interact and play the game.  This type of game is self-correcting. What do I mean by self- correcting? it means that if you click on the wrong answer, then a screen will appear for you to try again. This is an awesome feature if you plan to share the game with students for independent work stations. 

I have been able to create about 10 games so far and they are a mix of drag and drop as well as self-correcting types of games.  You can see them in my Bilingual Education y Más TpT store.  

Where to Advertise?

There are many platforms to advertise your digital games. There is Tiktok, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, a blog and many other platforms that I probably haven’t learned about yet.  The platform where I discovered how to learn to make these digital games, was Tiktok. The reason I was able to find this resource was because of my niche, education. i follow a long list of talented educators on tiktok and happened to stumble in on a live where this creator was talking about her course.  What can I say, I’m grateful for being able to find it. 

Where to find the course for Digital Games: Toney In First
Where to find my games: Bilingual Education y Más TpT OR Blog Shop

Tools that Help

Some of the tools I have used along the way have been Creative Fabrica (sign up for a huge discount using my affiliate link here), Canva, and none other than Good Ol’ Google Slides. 

These tools have been essential in the making of these games. I am sure there might be way more advanced tools out there, but these are the ones that I have been using and have worked for me. 

Digital Games ≠ Not a Band Aid

I mean it, Digital games are not to be used in replacement of actual teaching.  Digital games are to be used as an enhancement or an incentive in the classroom. 

They are fun and colorful and meant to be used in a whole group, small group or independent station. 

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Bilingual Education y Más

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