Spring Things

It’s officially the month of April! Arye you looking for things to do in April? Well look no further! Here you will find crafts, snacks, books and more to keep your littles busy. This is the best time of the year in my opinion because I love how beautiful flowers are blooming and how plants are getting their green color back. During this time of the year is when we tend to go outside and enjoy the weather before summer arrives. Although allergies can become an issue, this is by far my favorite time of the year. Please enjoy some of the Fun things to do for the Spring and check out the Calendar for more Celebrations in April. I hope you get to make new memories with your family, friends, and/or students!

Celebrations in the Month of April:

Bilingual/Spanish Spring Books

Enjoy these titles with your family or your students in class.

1. Book Fiesta  

This is a fun bilingual book that you can use to celebrate Spring and Dia de los niños.

Check out Jorja’s Dual Language Classroom’s Page .

2. Los Dientes del Trino Rojo

A Book in Spanish that teaches kids the importance of dental hygiene in a fun an interesting way, except Trino Rojo is a Bird. Find out how Trino Rojo finds a solution. 

3. La luz de Lucía // Lucy’s Light

This book written by Margarita del Mazo comes in a Spanish Version and English Version. Check out this previous blog post where I give a short review, click Here.

4. La vida de una mariposa 

A really good Informative Text that will help your littles learn the life cycle of a butterfly.

5. La Abeja Y La Flor

A sweet Bilingual Book about Bees and fun facts about bees and flowers.

Spring Time Snacks

1. Sushi de Platano // Banana Sushi

2. Butterfly Snack Bags

3. Dirt in a Cup

4. DIY Mango Paletas

5. Bolis // Freezer Pops

Printable Activities

1. Spanish Vocabulary I Spy Printable

2. Spanish Vocabulary Flash Cards

3. Color By number in Spanish

4. Bilingual Bingo

5. Read the Room Bilingual Activity

These are printable activities that you can play at home or in the classroom. Always remember to go over vocabulary words to help your littles remember their words. If you have already practiced the words, have them tell you what words they see or what they might be and if they make a mistake and say the wrong word gently remind them of what the word/picture says. Gentle reminders will encourage your littles to try again and not give up.

Spanish Spring Songs and Poems

1. La Primavera at Rockalingua.com

2. La Vibora de La Mar // The Serpent Song

3. Earth Day Canticos

4.  Me Gusta La Primavera

5. Earth Day Poem in Spanish


1. Handprint Bunnies

2. Craft Roll Butterflies

3. Paper plate Sun and Rainbow Craft

4. Paper Plate Caterpillar

Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day! What are some things that we can do to help the Earth? There are many things like planting seeds, walking to your local park, using less plastic, and much more. Go ahead and add your ideas in the comments.

If you are looking for a Trivia Game to Play at home or in the classroom then you should definitely check this game out! Click on the Picture to get your copy!

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