Spring is in the air and Spring Break is a great time to either relax or plan for the last quarter of the school year. Here are 10 Spring Bilingual Resources for you to check out and use in your classroom.

Spring Games – Digital Resources

This game is perfect to share with students through Google Classrooms. You can play whole group, small group, or independently. A fun self-correcting game where you click through the answers. If you get the correct answer you will see a You Did It! Slide. If you get the wrong answer it will say, Try Again! Cute, Colorful and Fun! Click on the link below!

This Lotería Bilingual Bingo is also made for Google Slides. I have played something similar with my nephew. Easy to follow and easy to share. You can share the slides with students on Google Classroom or through Google Slides you can simply share each playing card individually. So much fun! The calling cards are also accesible through two different links. One link will direct you to a deck of cards on wordwall.com and the other will direct you to a Spinner. Both fun to use!

Spring Word Puzzles

These fun Spring Word Puzzles are available in color or in black and white. You can choose from a Spanish Spring Word Search or a Bilingual Crossword Puzzle. The Bilingual Crossword Puzzle has English Clues and you must answer them in Spanish. Click on the pictures below to get your copies today!

Bilingual Spring Reading Comprehension

If you need a simple Spring reading comprehension activity for your Dual Language classroom, then this resource is perfect for you. It’s a short passage that is perfect for 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd Graders! Click the picture to see a preview!

Spring Coloring Pages

Last but not least, if you need a moment to yourself and need to give your students something to do, then check out these Coloring pages with Bilingual Vocabulary Words for Spring! There is a collection of coloring pages and a collection of Dot Painting. Kids can use dot markers, regular markers, or q-tips and paint. Get your copies at the link below!

Bilingual Spring Flash Cards

Flash Cards are the best when it comes to practicing vocabulary words! I love playing a game with my students called “¿Donde está?” This game needs a pocket chart for whole group or a table for small group. You show students that you are going to hide a sticker behind the cards that are spread out. Then ask students donde esta la estrella/where is the star? (for example, if you use a star sticker). Students must say the vocabulary word to guess which card the sticker is hiding. Such a great way to practice vocabulary words! Click on the links below to get your digital downloads.

Cut & Sort Activity

Cut and Sort, is it Spring or is it Summer? Different Versions of this activity available. Picture Choices, Word Choices, or Both! Click on the picture to see the varieties over at Bilingual Education y Más TpT store!

A Bundle of Spring Fun for You!

This bundle is for the teacher who is planning a variety of activities. You can get the items in this bundle individually if you see something that calls to you more than others. Remember that any and all bundles save you money in the long run. I like to get bundles from TpT because I always have access to the products when I need them and I don’t have to go back and search for them. This bundle has flashcards, word puzzles, and digital games. Check it out below!


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