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¡Vamos! Let’s Go!

Whenever I have heard the word “Vamos” or “Vámonos”, it has always given me that little burst of energy to do, be, or go somewhere. Have you ever had that feeling? Let’s Go! ¡Vamos! When I get invited to go somewhere or do something, and I hear those words, the person saying them has always had a smile on their face. Come to think of it, whenever I have said those words, I have also had a smile on my face, because I know it will be something fun, motivating, and needed. I hope you get a chance to read a few of the books on this list. I am excited to read them and add them to my ¡Vamos! Bilingual Picture Books Box. 

1. Vamos, Body! Head to Toe in English y Español

Is a Bilingual board book that introduces kids to body concepts in a unique way by using art. The book uses pre-Columbian sculptures, Latin American wood carvings, and Paintings that emphasize how amazing our bodies are. I love that Art is brought to the fingertips of a child in this way. Maybe they say to their parents, “¡Vamos al Museo!” // “Let’s go to the Museum!”

2. Vamos a leer // Read to Me

This is another board book that you can read and use to read with your little ones. (Read about Creating Good Reading Habits by Age Here) This is the perfect book to nurture the love for reading at a very young age. Even the front cover suggests a cozy way to read with your little one. This would be an excellent book for expectant or new parents alike. The book features diverse families reading books together through gentle rhymes on each page. Enjoy this book as a Bilingual Read Aloud.

3. Let’s Play // Vamos a Jugar

One of my favorite authors is Leo Lionni, it’s the cute illustrations and his storytelling. In this fun Bilingual, a board book for kids, two mouse friends need help deciding what to do in their day.  They ask the reader and suggest things like reading a book, picking flowers, and more. The book is an interaction that you could also have with your kids by asking them what they think the Mice should do. I want to know what they end up deciding to do. If you read it before I get my hands on it please don’t tell me, I want to find out for myself. 

4. Vamos de visita // Let’s Go Visiting

This board book by Sue Williams is a story about a visit to the farmyard where a child goes to visit baby animals and has fun counting one foal (1 potro), two calves (2 becerros), three kittens (3 gatitos), four piglets (4 cerditos), five ducklings (5 gatitos), and six puppies (6 cachorritos)! This sounds fun and exhausting and calls for an afternoon nap after all that activity with all those farm animals. Have some fun counting in English and Spanish with your little ones and this colorful book. 

5. Vámonos

This is a HardCover Picture book about different types of transportation. It features beautiful handmade artwork by local artisans in Oaxaca, México. Seriously, the beautiful pieces of art featured in this book remind me of the Alebrijes you see in the movie Coco. Which type of transportation from the book would you want to use? If I could become one of the animalitos in the book, I would choose the Canary or the Rooster, because I have always wanted to learn how to skateboard. I would shout, “¡Vámonos!”

6. ¡Vamos! Book Series 

I love this series of ¡Vamos! Books with Little Lobo and his friends. The illustrations are everything! They keep me busy looking at every single detail. These books are hardcover books that are about Going Somewhere. Let’s go to the Market has Little Lobo and his dog going to “El Mercado” with an interesting shopping list.

The other ¡Vamos! Let’s Cross the Bridge, is about getting the delivery truck packed and ready to go, but first Little Lobo and his team have to cross over the bridge. At the end of the book, you will see a note from the author that talks about how his family grew up on the border of Ciudad Juarez and El Paso. I appreciate that these books have a Glossary at the end of the book that gives readers the English/Spanish Translation. Make sure to check out the Other Book in the Series in my previous Blog Post here.

7. Let’s Go: A Book in Two Languages // Vamos Un Libro en Dos Lenguas

In this paperback book, you will see some very colorful pages that take our young readers into settings with objects that are labeled in both English and Spanish. You can find this book at Thriftbooks.com and other used book sites. I recommend this book for those young readers that are at the beginning stages of learning Spanish. 

8. ¡Nos vamos a México!

I have heard this phrase many times from my parents, from childhood to adulthood. It is always a good time when we go to México because it is a feeling about going back home to our roots. Enjoy reading the colorful pages within this paperback book where you will find mercados, mariposas, mapas y más! This book is completely in Spanish and great for intermediate readers. 

9. Vámonos a … Book Series by Lil’ Libros

Lil’ Libros has many great Board Books available, and within those board books, they have the Vámonos a … Book Series. They take you from Antigua, San Juan, San Salvador, Santo Domingo, Panama City and other little cities in Latin America. Celebrate the Latinx Culture within these Bilingual Books full of places that are so unique to their location. Imagine taking a family trip and reading about these places before you go. 

10. ¡Vamos a dar una vuelta!

The Spanish Version of Let’s Go for a Drive! By Mo Willems, Geraldo (Elephant) and Cerdita (Piggie) Make a plan to go on a Drive. They come up with a plan to take all the things they need to go for a Drive. The most important thing on the list is a Car, except neither one of them has one. These friends came up with an alternative to going out for a Drive. Instead of vamos a dar una vuelta, it turns into two friends making the best out of ruined plans.

11. ¡Bebé, Vamos a Comer!

If you go back to one of my previous posts, you will see this book in the How to Choose a Bilingual Books by Age post. This is an indestructible book, a book that will not be ruined no matter if you throw it in the water, bite it, or run over it. This book is perfect for Infants aged little ones and for parents trying to start positive reading habits with their babies. The book has very colorful pages where each page is a different color full of food with English and Spanish labels for each item. 

12. Vamos a Llevarnos Bien

This book is essential for classrooms. It teaches students how to get along with others and what to do if someone is not being kind to others. It has a total of 3 Spanish stories, making it an Advanced Spanish type of literature. Introducing each story as a separate lesson allows teachers to guide their students in a discussion about how to identify bullying and what to do if they see it happening in their surroundings. 

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