It’s Summer break and you’re looking for some things to do with your kids. Here are 5 Summer Activities you can do with your kids.

1. Waterpark Home Edition

Kids love water and they would love it even more if it was in their very own back yard. Don’t overthink it and keep it simple. You can use sprinklers, slip n’ slide, water balloons, or a kiddie pool. Kids love spending time together and if you can make it extra fun, they will cherish these memories forever. Some games you could possibly play would be Marco Polo, Water Balloon Fight, Balance the Water Balloon, and more. What kind of games did you play as a kid in your backyard during the summer?

2. Outdoor Movie Night

Choose your favorite movie and set up a seating area for you and your kids right in your backyard. Make your favorite snacks and enjoy some quality time with them. Sometimes your local park or downtown area will host Outdoor Movie Night events. Look into Family Movie Nights in your area for more information.

If you happen to be in Arizona, you will find the following cities that have events for Family Movie Night: Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Phoenix. Be aware that Arizona is very HOT during the months of June, July, August, and September. You will most likely find these events taking place during the cooler months.

3. DIY Arts & Crafts

One of the activities kids will always love is making crafts. They love expressing themselves and using their creativity. Just ask my niece, every time I come over to her house she will ask if I have a craft for her to make. Most of the time, I do. Some craft ideas that I have had kids make in the classroom have been: water color painting, creating insects with construction paper, scissors and glue, making paper airplanes, playdough sculptures, and creations with Legos. What are some of the arts and crafts you’ve made with your kids? Share your comments below!

4. Reading Forts

Reading under a pillow and bed sheet fort is always a nice relaxing time. It also gives grownups some quiet time when everyone is at home for the summer. Think about setting a timer and adding some background noise like those ambiance videos you find on Check out the books in my Summer Break – Vacaciones de Verano Book List Below.

5. Coloring Pages

One of my favorite activities is coloring in my coloring book. I have had this hobby since I was a kid and my grandma would come over and color with us. These days, you can find coloring pages just about anywhere on the internet. If you’d like some Bilingual Coloring pages you will find them in my Bilingual Education y Más Store. Click on the picture below to get your copies.


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