Now that we are in Spring and Spring Break is here, or near, why not practice Bilingual Spring Vocabulary Words by using Bilingual Spring Picture Books. There are fun ways to practice Spring-related vocabulary in both languages, such as scavenger hunts and word games. Check out this previous post where you can learn to play Fat Cat, which is just Vocabulary Hangman but instead of drawing a man, you draw a cat. You can also create your own word search by visiting The Teacher’s Corner and entering your own list of words. There are many types of games and flashcards you can use to practice Vocabulary Words, see below for a link.  

Why Is It Important to Practice Vocabulary Words?

Practicing vocabulary words as well as taking time to read aloud to your child, or students, boosts their reading comprehension for all ages. The more words they know, the better understanding they have of text and the more they can expand their communication.  If you think about it, we all learn and think differently. Therefore, we can incorporate different ways to help children learn Vocabulary, such as visual illustrations, spelling the words, reading bilingual spring picture books that contain those types of words, etc.  

Spring Vocabulary Words // Vocabulario de Primavera

Holiday // Día festivo

Rainbow //  Arcoíris

Rain // Lluvia

Bird  //  Pájaro

Bee  //  Abeja

Butterfly  // Mariposa

Nest  //  Nido

Rabbit  //  Conejo

Flowers  //  Flores

Spring  //  Primavera

Grass  //  Césped

Mushrooms  //  Hongos

Ladybugs  //  Mariquitas, Vaquita

Chick  //  Polluelo

Frog  //  Rana

Worm  //  Gusano

Seeds  //  Semillas

Cloud  //  Nube

Sun  //  Sol

Kite  //  Papalote

Green  //  Verde

Tree  //  Árbol

Wind // Viento

Windy // Ventoso

Umbrella // Paraguas, Sombrilla

Caterpillar // Oruga

Ants  // Hormigas

Bicycle  //  Bicicleta

Picture Books

La Araña Muy Ocupada  //  The Very Busy Spider

This is a fun book by Eric Carle all about Spiders and what they do best, Spiderwebs! You can teach kids about spiders and also point out that in the spring time they like to make spiderwebs. Enjoy at home or in the classroom in either English or Spanish, as linked in the titles.  

La Semillita  //  The Tiny Seed

This is a really great book to learn about the life cycle of a flower.  It has beautiful, bright illustrations in the classic Eric Carle style that he always brings to his books. If you are learning about planting seeds at home or in the classroom, you can always use this book to introduce vocabulary words in either English or Spanish. 

La Oruga Muy Hambrienta  //  The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This book is a Classic! There are so many Food and Nature Vocabulary words within this story. The main character, a caterpillar, just keeps on eating through every piece of food they can find. Kids will also learn the evolution of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. There is an English Version and there is also a Spanish Version available.  

La luz de Lucía  //  Lucy’s Light

A little firefly, the youngest in her family, wants to glow as bright as her family members but she is still too small. Follow Lucia on her quest of self-growth and see her shine her brightest when presented with the opportunity.  

¡Lluvia! Rain!

This book is a great beginner book for your littles. You can find the board book version and other board books in the previous post about age appropriate books here

Thank you for reading all about Bilingual Spring Picture Books and the importance of Vocabulary Practice!


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