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Here’s a bit of information that I learned just recently that maybe most of us didn’t know until today! I would have never connected an Irish Holiday with Latinidad, but did you know that St. Patrick’s Day is honored in countries like Mexico and Argentina? Why Mexico? Well because between the years 1846 – 1848, during the Mexican-American War which later became known as El Batallon de los San Patricios, there was a group of immigrants who were mostly of Irish descent who fought alongside the Mexican Army against the American Army. Coincidentally, that is why some celebrations are held in Mexico to honor not only St. Patrick but the Irish Culture as well. These celebrations may not happen in the whole country of Mexico or Argentina.

Growing up in the Mexican-American household, I knew for sure that it was not something that was celebrated in my mom and dad’s small Mexican towns. Now I know the reasons why many different types of people around the world may Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


In Argentina, for example, there is an annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in Buenos Aires, which includes traditional Irish music, dancing, and food. The parade is organized by the Irish Argentine Society, and people often dress up in green and wear shamrocks to celebrate the day. In addition, many Irish pubs and restaurants in Argentina offer St. Patrick’s Day specials and host parties and events. Argentina saw a wave of Irish Immigrants between 1830 – 1930, where approximately 50,000 immigrants arrived. Wow, no wonder they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I had no idea that this country dedicated attention to what I thought was solely a North American Celebration.

In Mexico, the city of Monterrey has a significant Irish community, and St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with parades, concerts, and cultural events. The parade in Monterrey includes traditional Irish music and dance, as well as floats and costumes that showcase Irish culture. Many restaurants in Monterrey also offer St. Patrick’s Day specials and host parties for locals and visitors alike. I will for sure have to ask my cousin that moved to Monterrey to see if she has participated in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.
Overall, while St. Patrick’s Day is not widely celebrated in Latin America, there are still communities and cities that honor Irish heritage and culture with festive events and traditions.

Check out the ideas and books mentioned below to help you Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your Bilingual Family.

The Irish + Latino Communities

CommunityIrish Influence
Argentina18th Century: Irish Immigrants settled in Argentina
MexicoIrish Immigrants fought alongside Mexican Army,
against U.S. for the retention of Mexico
South AmericaThousands of Irish joined Simon Bolivar against the Spanish from
Colombia, Bolivia, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, and Ecuador
CubaIrish Immigrants who came from New York, helped build the Cuban Railroad
Facts From @theluzmedia

Recipes // Recetas

Healthy Snacks

Fun Sweet Snacks

Learning Activties // Actividades Para Aprender

Celebrate St. Patricks Day with some Printables and Books at home or in your classroom.

Printables // Imprimibles

  • – has really good Bilingual Activities for younger and older kids
  • Debbie Wood – has activity sheets that you can use with older kids (5th – 9th)
  • Silvia Schavz – has activity sheets for the younger kids (K – 2nd)

Books // Libros

Vocabulary // Vocabulario

English // Spanish 

  • St. Patrick’s Day  //  Día de San Patricio
  • Shamrock  //  Trébol
  • Leprechaun  //  Duende
  • Pot of gold  //  Olla de oro
  • Rainbow  //  Arcoiris
  • Ireland // Irlandés, irlandesa
  • Irish  //  Irlanda
  • Celtic  //  Celta
  • Green  //  Verde
  • Parade  //  Desfile
  • Luck  //  Suerte
  • Clover  //  Trébol de cuatro hojas

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Meals // Comida de San Patricio

Traditional Meals


  1. Corned beef and cabbage: This is a classic St. Patrick’s Day meal that originated in the United States. It consists of corned beef brisket cooked with cabbage, carrots, and potatoes.
  2. Irish stew: This is a hearty lamb or beef stew that typically includes potatoes, carrots, and onions.
  3. Shepherd’s pie: a dish made with ground beef or lamb, mixed with vegetables and topped with mashed potatoes.
  4. Irish soda bread: a type of bread made with baking soda instead of yeast. How to eat: served with butter or jam.
  5. Guinness beef stew: This is a slow-cooked beef stew that includes the famous Irish stout, Guinness, along with vegetables like carrots, onions, and potatoes.
  6. Colcannon: a dish made with mashed potatoes, cabbage, and butter.
  7. Irish potato soup: a creamy soup made with potatoes, leeks, onions, and cream.

Comida Tradicional


  1. Corned beef and repollo: esta es una comida clásica del Día de San Patricio que se originó en los Estados Unidos. Consiste en pechuga de carne en conserva cocinada con repollo, zanahorias y papas.
  2. Estofado irlandés: este es un estofado abundante de cordero o ternera que generalmente incluye papas, zanahorias y cebollas.
  3. Shepherd’s pie: Este es un plato hecho con carne de res o cordero molida, mezclada con vegetales y cubierta con puré de papas.
  4. Pan de soda irlandés: Este es un tipo de pan hecho con bicarbonato de sodio en lugar de levadura. A menudo se sirve con mantequilla o mermelada.
  5. Estofado de ternera Guinness: Este es un estofado de ternera cocinado a fuego lento que incluye la famosa cerveza negra irlandesa, Guinness, junto con verduras como zanahorias, cebollas y patatas.
  6. Colcannon: Este es un plato hecho con puré de papas, repollo y mantequilla.
  7. Sopa de patata irlandesa: Esta es una sopa cremosa hecha con patatas, puerros, cebollas y nata.

I can only imagine how some of these traditional dishes may be served in Mexico or Argentina. One of the way I can imagine celebrating with food to commemorate the tradition of the Color Green would be to make some Green Enchiladas, Jugo Verde, or Mole Verde.

If you have made it this far, Thank You fo reading my post to learn about ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Latin America and some activities, books, and food that you can share with your loved ones. 

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