¡Día de el Amor y La Amistad!

A Special Day to celebrate Love and Friendship is coming up and what better way to Celebrate this special day than with Bilingual Valentine Books! There are so many books out there from loving your pets, to your mom, to your dad, colors, and animals. There’s nothing better than getting cozy to read a book with some treats and warm drinks, and I hope you get to share these books with someone you love. The books below are very sweet and you can share them at home with your family or in class with your students. Enjoy!  

1. Siempre Te Querre

Type: Paperback

I remember when my third grade teacher first read this book to us during our after recess cool down. My classmates and I were all resting our heads on our desks listening to our third grade teacher Mrs. Allen read in a soothing voice when we all looked up when we heard her voice crack. She was crying. I never understood why she cried to this story as a third grader, but now as an adult, I completely understand why. This is the type of book that is perfect to gift to a first time mom that will Love their baby Forever. This book is available in English or Spanish, the book is linked for Spanish and the caption below has the English version linked.

2. I Love You Through and Through // Te quiero, yo te quiero

Type: Board Book

Is a Bilingual board book that introduces body concepts for baby/toddler aged kids. With this book you can teach positional language: Under, Bottom, Top, Inside, Outside, etc. This gives parents (caregivers) the opportunity to help their littles one’s develop their understanding of position in space, visual perception, and develop their cognitive skills. What better way to teach this language in both English and Spanish. A perfect addition to your baby’s library and a perfect opportunity to teach your baby to love themselves.

3. We Love You, Mr. Panda // Te Amamos, Sr. Panda

Type: Paperback 

This Bilingual Book is a charming book where Mr. Panda advertises free hugs but everyone requesting a hug seems to be asking someone else and they walk past Mr. Panda. He is about to give up when suddenly he’s asked if he would like a hug and all his friends show up to give their love in a hug. This story is an opportunity to teach little ones about asking for a hug as well as talking about feelings. How does Mr. Panda feel when his friends say they don’t want a hug? How do you show others you love them? Check out the link below to gift to someone that you love. 

4. Yo Veo… //  I Spy With My Little Eye…

Type: Coloring Book Paperback

I found this coloring book as I was browsing for Bilingual Coloring Books. It is perfect for practicing Bilingual vocabulary with your little ones or for yourself. The book is set up with I Spy pages and then alphabet pages to check if you spied correctly. It has a Valentine’s Day theme throughout the book and is perfect for a Rainy Day activity. 

5. I Will Love You Forever // Te amare por siempre

Type: Board Book

Is another Bilingual Book about a Mother’s Love for her child as a newborn growing up to be a toddler with a Love that will last Forever. Another sweet Baby Shower Gift for a first time mother that can be used to build Reading Habits for their little ones. 

6. Mi Amor Por Ti // My Love For You

Type: Board Book

A Bilingual Counting Book where her mother shares how much she loves her baby from more than 1 bear to more than 10 lovebirds. Help your little one count in both English and Spanish. The author, Susan L. Roth, also illustrated this book by using collage art. Watch this video to learn more about her art.

7. Nosotros Means Us

Type: Hardcover

A beautiful Bilingual Book about a Mother and child’s love where no matter what their journey will always bring them together as mother and child. I really like how it teaches about the baby animal names, for example: a bear’s baby is a cub, a fish’s baby is a fry, a sheep’s baby is a lamb and so on. Share this book with the mom’s in your life and enjoy this read aloud by the author. 

8. Amor De Colores

Type: Hardcover

Lil’ Libros has some of the best Bilingual Books and this is one you should add to your bookshelf.  This colorful book introduces kids to different colors and objects around the world in Spanish and English. I love that this book can be used at home or in a classroom with little ones. Click below to enjoy the Love in different colors. 

9. Oso Cariñoso

Type: Paperback

This is the Spanish Version of “The Story of Lovie Bear and The Valentine’s Day Card”. It is a sweet story about the Night before Valentine’s Day where Lovie Bear is taking his time to make his Valentine Cards. There is one special person’s name that comes up and he gets stuck. He feels nervous because he has a crush on Tiana and struggles to let Tiana Bear know that he really likes her. A sweet story to share on the day or night before Valentine’s Day. Check out the link below.  

Thank you

I hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day with your Bilingual Babies. Thank you for Reading my Blog. If you are looking for fun Composition Books, click on the picture links below for some fun Valentine Themed Notebooks.