10 Activities to do in your Classroom

There is so much going on at the end of the school year.  If you are a Kindergarten teacher you are focused on end of the year testing, graduation, celebrations, and report cards. On top of all of that, the expectation is, you must keep teaching the curriculum. I mean yes, you must continue teaching the curriculum but sometimes you flat out need to throw in some end of the school year activities. 

This past school year my team and I created a 10 day Countdown to the last day of school. It wasn’t focusing on counting the days, the focus was heavy on the activity we had planned for the day. 

1. Memory Book

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This is one of the End of the Year Memory Book we used in class. It has a spot to draw and color memories from the school year. I love that you can pick and choose which pages you want to add into your memory book and the fact that you can choose English or Spanish Pages. 

2. Movie & PJ Day

For this day we had students come to school in their PJ’s. They can bring a blanket or a stuffed animal so they can watch a movie in class. We got to watch A Turtle’s Tale on Youtube. The kids loved it as they also got to eat popcorn from a cup as they watched the movie. 

3. Certificate Celebration Day

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I used these Certificates to Celebrate every student in the classroom. It’s important to help kids feel seen and important not just at the end of the school year but all year long. You can use these quarterly or to highlight students that are Student’s of the Month and Student’s of the Week. 

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Here’s the Star of the Week link available in Spanish to celebrate your Student’s every Week. 

4. Craft Day

This was such a fun day for the kids. They were able to choose from 3 different crafts. Each classroom had a craft activity. My classroom was paper airplanes, the next class was water color painting, and the third class was creating a paper doll. Students absolutely loved this day because they were able to try different things. 

5. Bring a Stuffed Animal Day

Every student brings a stuffed animal on this day. They had the opportunity to talk about their stuffed animals. The only restrictions were that they were not allowed to bring them outside during recess, throw them in the classroom, or play. The stuffed animal was supposed to be a companion during the day at their tables. 

6. Bubbles Day

Students were able to bring their own bubble wands and bottles. Some students even brought extra bubble wands and bottles to share with kids that forgot their own. We were able to blow bubbles during our morning recess and lunch recess. They loved chasing those bubbles around the playground. 

7. Lunch in the Classroom

This day was exciting for students because they always eat their lunch in the cafeteria. They were responsible and walked their plate with two hands all the way back to the classroom. We ate and watched a Bluey Show on youtube. Some of the students of course ate a little slower because they were enjoying their time in the classroom as they ate. I had to remind them that they had a small window of recess time. They actually didn’t mind missing recess. 

8. Show us your Talent or Trick

Before 8. you celebrate this day, make sure you make a list of different types of talent. Then remind students to practice their Trick or Talent so they can show the whole class. The day of, you can pick sticks or use a digital randomizer to select a student to showcase their talent. Some may be shy or just not have a talent. That’s ok! You can always fill time by reading a book about talent shows.

9. Board Games Day

I had about 5 students bring in a board game. Some games allowed for 3 – 4 players and some were 1-2 players. As we brought them out I gave students a choice to begin at one board game and then switch after 10-15 minutes. They loved being able to switch around and try different games. There was one called the 5 Second Rule, where you have to name 3 things that the card asks you to name. It was such fun!

10. Directive Drawing

For this day, I was able to choose a few options from the Art for Kids Hub. When it comes to directive drawing for kids, I really like how this Youtube Creator encourages his kids to draw along with him and makes them feel like a rockstar. I always point that out to my students, especially because they feel discouraged when they can’t draw a perfectly round circle. I always say, “Aw, I love how the boy doesn’t give up and he keeps trying to draw and I love how dad doesn’t say you’re doing it wrong!” We are all just trying our best! Literally! 


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