Dia de los Padres

Father’s Day in the classroom can be a bit tricky for some teachers. The reason for this is that for some parts of the country, school is out in the month of May. That’s the case for me. By the time the end of the school year gets here, I lose track of time and forget to make something for Father’s day to send home with students. 

For now here are some Father’s Day Ideas you can create with your little ones either at school (if you’re still in session) or at home. 

1. Father’s Day Cards

A coloring page and a Card! Simply print, color, fold and give it to dad along with your gift. Write a special message inside of your card for dad. All these cards are in Spanish and can be found in my TpT Store. 

2. Father’s Day Coloring Pages

Coloring is a soothing activity that can be done at school or at home. Why not color some Father’s Day Coloring Pages to help soothe our minds?! This resource can be found in my TpT Store Bilingual Education y Más. Check it out here at this link. 

3. Father’s Day Craftivity

This craftivity is available in Spanish. This is a perfect opportunity to practice adjectives in Español! Papá Eres//Dad You Are… You write inside the donuts, color, and cut them out to be placed inside the donut box! Then as a bonus, give him this craft with a box of donuts to share with the Whole Family!

4. Father’s Day Poster

This poster is available in both English and Spanish. You can use this in the classroom or at home to highlight things about dad! In the photo portion you can have kids draw their dad or add an actual picture of dad. Learn everything about dad, his name, favorite color, favorite food, favorite candy, dessert, and what you enjoy about your dad. 

5. Keychains

I actually made Keychains for Mother’s Day once. They came out so stinking cute! What you actually need is Shrink Plastic, Sharpie Markers, a note template, hole puncher, an oven, and key rings. Watch this video to see what the actual process looks like.

6. Letter to Dad

A simple writing activity like a letter is so special and meaningful. I would make sure to take the time to model a letter to students. If you are making a letter at home, take the time to help your littles write what they want to tell dad. Kids can draw pictures from the Art for Kids Hub Youtube Channel.  They have so many options and I am sure you will be able to find something that Dad loves!

7. Backyard Camping 

If you have a backyard and it’s not too hot outside, I would totally set up a tent in the backyard to spend the night camping. It would be so much fun! I can imagine telling dad jokes, spooky stories, making treats, and laughing up a storm. 

8. Picnic at the Park

I live in Arizona, so I know this would not be the best idea unless we are up bright and early at 4 in the morning. But if you live somewhere outside of Arizona, you should have a Picnic at the park or in your backyard. I know my dad would love a Carne Asada in the backyard or park. If dad isn’t into BBQ or Carne Asada, make sure to pack some treats and drinks that he would enjoy. Bring a ball or games to play and take the time to enjoy Father’s Day. 

9. Scavenger Hunt

This will take some planning and mom’s help. You can organize a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to a gift or treat for dad! I really like a good scavenger hunt, because it can be a great challenge. This will take some planning or you can simply Google scavenger hunt clues to do at home. 

10. Family Game Night

One of my dad’s favorite games is Farkle! Yes, my Mexican Born dad’s favorite game is Farkle. There are so many board and card games to choose from out there. I recommend something that most of the family can play because age matters when you play some of these games. I would say UNO or Go Fish are great for multi-age families. Board games I think would be good are Loteria//Bingo. You can see some of the loteria games I have available at my TpT store or you can check out some of the games from my blog post here

If you liked these Father’s Day Ideas, make sure to check out my Mother’s Day Collection too!


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