Yay for May!

Are you looking for more fun and educational activities for your kids? I know this month is a busy time of the year for so many families, kids, and teachers. First of all it’s the beginning of the end of the school year. Yes, for some schools in the Nation, the school year ends in May and for others it ends in June. Kids are getting excited for the last day of school and they are winding down with many activities and events at their schools. Some families are also gearing up for summer family vacation, summer school, and summer camp for kids. For teachers, this is a time where testing is at a completion and they are trying to keep students engaged with learning because the school year is not yet finished. That can be a challenge, so check out these fun educational Bilingual activities.


Here is a list of books you can read at home or in the classroom that you can use to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. They are vibrant with color and cute illustrations.

1. Cinco de Mouse-o!

Cinco de Mouse-o! where a Mouse wakes up to delicious smells that indicate there must be a Fiesta! This little mouse goes on an adventure and as in most cases a cat is involved.

2. Señorita Gordita

This book reminds me of The Gingerbread Man because it involves a food item that gets chased by many to try to be the one that gets to eat it. It’s a fun read and children will enjoy listening to the Spanish vocabulary within the story.  

3. Chicks and Salsa

This book is too cute for the fact that a rooster wants to change up the feeding menu on the farm. He learns a thing or two by watching cooking shows through the window of the Farmer’s window. Next thing you know, all the other farm animals get involved. Check it our for yourself!

4. Mañana Iguana

This book reminds me of the Little Red Hen. Iguana wants to throw a party and her friends agree. But when it comes to planning and organizing, they simply don’t help out. Iguana gets tired from all the decorating and preparation for the party that she falls asleep. Her friends make it up to her because they care for Iguana’s friendship. This is a great book to have a discussion about how to be a good friend.

5. The Best Mariachi in the World

I love this book because it teaches about not giving up when it comes to finding your purpose. Gustavo is part of a family that is in a Mariachi. Everyone in his family can play an instrument except for him. Find out how he finds his purpose and becomes a wonderful member of a Mariachi.


It’s always a fun time when crafts are involved. My only piece of advice is to have everything prepared ahead of time if you have more than one child joining in on the fun. That will make your life extra easy and the kids will have fun. 

1. Mini Piñatas for Kids 

2. Kids Crafts for Cinco de Mayo 

3. Teacher Appreciation Craft Ideas 

4. Mother’s Day Craft 

5. Papel Picado Craft


You need to check all of these Yummy Treats and try at least one! The Oreo Taco Cookies are calling to me, they just seem so fun to make with kids. 

1. Cinco de Mayo Snacks 

2. Mother’s Day Snacks 

3. Teacher Appreciation Snack Ideas 

4. Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Feast Ideas  

5. Oreo Taco Cookies 

Free Printables

1. Cinco de Mayo Printables 

Enjoy these Free coloring pages with your littles! They can color by letter to help reinforce their letter recognition skills.  

2. 5 Fun Activities Free Download 

3. Coloring Pages

Find some fun coloring pages on this page that are Free! You can share with students or your kids at home.

4. Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

Print these out to give your kids or students something to color for the mom or mother figures in their life.  

5. Bilingual Loteria 

This is a simple fun way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a fun Loteria Game that is printable! I would use beans at home to cover each image and at school I would use 

A couple of Extras…

1.  Piñata

Who doesn’t have fun hitting Piñatas? Here is the Spanish and English Version of the Song we usually sing when hitting a Piñata.


Dale, dale, dale, No pierdas el tino; Porque si lo pierdes, Pierdes el camino.
Ya le diste una,Ya le diste dos; Ya le diste tres, y tu tiempo se acabó.


Go, go, go, Don’t lose your aim; Because if you lose it, You will lose the path.
You hit it once.You hit it twice.You hit it three times. And your time is done.

2. Mother’s Day Coupon Book 

These coupons are the kind that you can fill in with the things that you know your mom will enjoy. So instead of being pre-filled they have lines so the kids can write fun or helpful things for their moms.   

3. Letters or Pictures

Have Students draw a Picture or Write a Letter about how much they appreciate their teacher.I have used and really like Art for Kids Hub on Youtube where you can find many different types of animals and objects to draw for your teacher, mom, or Cinco de Mayo!

4. Tacos y Tortillas

Visit my previous blog post about Picture Books that will make you hungry for Tacos y Tortillas!

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