Bookstores For Your Bucket List

One of the best self-care activities I love to do is to go and visit the bookstore. Especially bookstores that are cozy and full of books that speak the same culture as me. I enjoy taking my time browsing books and looking for new Latinx authors and Bilingual Picture Books. There are many benefits to visiting a Latinx Owned Bookstores which include:


  • Cultural Exposure: Latinx bookstores often carry a wide range of books that showcase the diversity of the Latinx culture and community. This can be a great opportunity to learn more about the history, art, literature, and traditions of Latinx People.
  • Support for Latinx Authors: Latinx bookstores often prioritize carrying books written by Latinx Authors and promoting their work. By shopping at a Latinx bookstore, you can support these authors and help them to continue sharing their stories and perspectives.
  • Sense of Community: Latinx bookstores often host events, such as book clubs and author talks, that can be a great way to meet others who are interested in the same topics and to engage in discussions about the issues that matter to you.
  • Personalized Recommendations: The staff at a Latinx bookstore are often well-versed in the literature and culture of the Latinx Community and can provide personalized recommendations for books that you might enjoy.
  • Connection to Culture: For many people, visiting a Latinx bookstore can be a way to connect with their cultural heritage and feel a sense of pride and belonging. 

The bookstores on this list are on my Bucket List because they seem to provide all the types of connections I would like to experience upon my visit. They seem like the kind of bookstores that I would love to visit and get lost in for a whole day. A date to remember, April 29th is Independent Bookstore Day! Check some of these Latinx Owned Independent Bookstores:   

1. Palabras Bilingual Bookstore

Phoenix, Arizona

This Bilingual Bookstore is a bookstore that I have been following and visiting for quite a while. At their current location, you will find a space where you will find a mutual aid garden, a workshop and event space, and an art gallery, as well as Wasted Ink Zine Distro, Pachanga Press & Abalone Mountain Press. I personally enjoy having the option to sit on their cozy couches. If you follow their Instagram you will find a number of events they hold for the community. I had the pleasure of attending Cisneros & Muñoz & Valenzuela: Bilingual Reading and Conversation held at ASU, a very inspiring event. Please go check Palabras Bookstore out if you are ever in the Phoenix area and please visit their website for book recommendations and collections. 

2. Barrio Books

Tucson, Arizona

I have this bookstore on my Bucket list to visit next time I am in the Tucson area. This bookstore was given the opportunity to partner up with Hotel McCoy and open up their storefront 2 years ago, on January 2, 2021. They have a variety of books by Black, Indigenous, Local and Latinx Authors. Barrio Books also carries books that support the LGBTQAI+ community. As I was visiting the Barrio Books Website, I noticed that they have a couple of reading series that I would love to read one is Pedro and the other is Camila.

3. LA Librería

Los Angeles, California

Okay! This bookstore is after my own heart! They started out after finding it difficult to access quality children’s books in Spanish. The passion they have for Children’s Books, Bilingual Education and promotion of the importance of Bilingualism is a wonderful way to shar beautifully written literature with the community. Did you also know that they assist Libraries, Schools, and School Districts all over the Nation? LA Libreria has a range of book genres that showcases the diverse Latinx Community. Their books are catered for ages 1 to 15 that include Poetry, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fiction, and Non-Fiction. Please make sure to add this to your Bookstore Bucket List, I am!

4. Los Amigos Books

Berwyn, Illinois

I learned about Los Amigos Books on TikTok. I LOVE when I stumble on little gems like this on Social Media. Los Amigos Books are books that are curated by former Dual Language Teacher, Laura Rodriguez-Romaní. Los Amigos has a variety of books from the U.S., Latin America, and Spain. When you visit their TikTok you will see the cutest little blue tiny shop that was once located at the Berwyn Shops in Berwyn Illinois. Unfortunately, this past December 24, 2022, their lease was up, and had to close their shop. They will still have books available on their site They will remain on my Bucket List and I will continue to visit their online store to find unique picture books. Check them out! 

5. Libélula Books & Co.

San Diego, California

What caught my attention about Libélula Books & Co., is that they have a kid’s corner with toys, chairs, and a chill place for kids to hang out while their parents shop or read in the bookstore. I really like that they provide a safe space not just for kids, but for young adults as well. This bookstore combines the value of Art and Books. Read more about the bookstore in this Article. I mean who wouldn’t want to visit this bookstore in Sunny San Diego? I look forward to visiting and checking it off my Bucket List. 

6. Cafe Con Libros

Brooklyn, New York

My dream is to someday go to New York and visit this bookstore. It is an Intersectional – Feminist, Afro-Latinx-Owned Bookstore in Brooklyn. This independent bookstore also has its very own coffee shop, which to me sounds like the perfect rainy day setting for books + coffee. The owner has curated a collection of books that shines a light on books that relate to Feminism, Women of Color, Afro-Latinas, LGBTQ+ authors, and inclusive children’s books. The owner, Kalima DeSuze, brings in community events, a book club, and writing workshops. Someday when you get to visit New York, make sure to make Cafe Con Libros one of your First Stops.

To learn about more Latinx Owned Bookstores, make sure to visit The Mujerista.

Thank you for reading My Bucket List! I appreciate your support. 


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