¿Como Se Dice Riddle?

Before you start teaching kids Spanish Riddles, it’s important for them to know how to say Riddle in Spanish. The most common way I learned to say Riddle is la adivinanza (ah-dee-vee-nahn-sah).  I  have also heard others call it el acertijo (ah-sehr-tee-ho). You can find many Spanish Riddles online as well as a in the books mentioned below. Have fun with many different kinds of Adivinanzas Riddles in Spanish! If you are looking for poetry, which is a different way to practice Spanish in shorter pieces, check out my previous post here.

1. Adivinario

By Pablo Boullosa – a Colorful Book filled with Riddles in Spanish. Spend quality time with your little ones Reading and Guessing what the Riddle may be about. Click on the title above for a short video by the Author Pablo Boullosa.

2. Muchas más Adivinanzas Para Leer Antes de Dormir

By Ana Cobos – such a fun book to read before bed or any time of day. Here’s an excerpt from the book:

” Ponte el Pijama, entra en la cama, abre el libro y empieza a jugar.”

3. 1 Adivinanza Por Día – 366 Adivinanzas Para Leer En Familia

by Bubblesbooks.com gives you a Riddle in Spanish for each day of the year. I like this about the book because it literally goes by the day, Enero 1 “De Muchos Que Somos, El Primero Yo Nací, Pero Soy El Menor De Todos. ¿Cómo Puede Ser Así?” What do you think the answer to this riddle is? You will have to get the book to find out. Click on the book to order your copy.

When Can We Use Riddles in Spanish?

  • At home with your kids, who are learning Spanish
  • Bed Time, Reading Time, Family Time
  • In you classroom, if you are teaching Spanish

Fun Fact:

Riddles support logic, critical thinking skills, and problem solving. If you practice riddles with your kids it can help them with their focus, concentration and dexterity in their brains. It’s a fun challenge for kids and it motivates them to keep working. Riddles also help exercise the mind and memory, practice problem solving, learn new vocabulary, and enhance and further enrich spoken language.

Here are some Super Easy Riddles in Spanish:

1. Salta, salta, y la colita le falta. // It jumps, and jumps, but has not tail.

2. Orejas largas, y un rabo cortito. Corro y salto muy ligerito. // With long ears, and a short tail. I run and I jump lightly.

3. Si lo tienes, quieres compartirlo. Si lo compartes, ya no lo tienes. ¿Qué es? // If you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you don’t have it anymore. What is it?

4. Redondito y rojo es. Nunca toma café, pero siempre toma té. // It is round and red. It never drinks coffee, it always drinks té. (Té is tea in Spanish)

Answers Below:

1. Una Rana // A Frog

2. Un Conejo // A Rabbit

3. Un Secreto // A Secret

4. Un Tomate // A Tomato

TpT Resources

Check out the TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers) Links Below for two different Riddle Games you can purchase for an instant Download. You can cut the squares and play memory, matching, or any other ideas you may have with your kids.