Summer Reading Activities for Kids

Reading in the Summer is one of the most important activities kids should participate in to retain knowledge and skills learned from the previous school year. In my experience as an educator, I have encouraged my students and parents to continue to read books in the summer. I have provided a Reading Log for parents to keep track of the books, or pages their child reads every day during the summer. Another piece of advice I give is to stick to choosing books that peaks the child’s interest.

There are so many book varieties from Picture Books, Chapter Books, Graphic Novels, Magazines, Cook Books, and more! I compiled a list of Summer Reading Activities you can help your child with for the summer. That way they continue to practice their reading skills and have support from you, their caretaker, who will make sure their kids take time to read. Doing these Summer Reading Activities will prevent the risk of falling behind at school. 

1. Library Day

Take a day to visit the biggest library in your city or town. Go explore what the library has to offer for kids during the summer. You will be surprised to see what you find. Mesa Public Library, in Mesa, Arizona, offers a Summer Reading Program where kids (with adult assistance) can earn points to receive many different types of prizes. Check their Website Here:  Mesa Public Library.

2. Summer Reading Challenge

If you visit The Measured Mom, you will find a Reading Challenge for one of the Summer Reading Activities you can do with your kids. Find 100 places to read, from reading by a fan to reading with a flashlight. This could be very challenging as some items may not be a part of your home. Have books, will travel! You can remind kids to carry their books with them in case they run into things on the list. 

3. Reading Bingo

Similar to the Reading challenge in #2, you can also try a shorter version of the reading challenge with a Reading Bingo Challenge. Kids can bring their book and Bingo Card with them to see if they can fill in the whole Bingo Card. Check out the Bingo Card here.

4. Tips for Parents/Guardians

  • Read to your child Every Day
    • Before Bed time, Nap time, or a designated time of day
  • Read with your child Every Day
    • Take the time to listen to your child read
  • Visit the Library as much as possible
  • Talk about stories with your child
  • Act out the stories while you read to your child to help their imagianiation
  • Read a variety of books to your child
    • Fiction 
    • Nonfiction

5. Summer Book Club for Kids

This will take some more planning and organization in order to make it a successful summer book club for kids. I can imagine organizing a Summer Book Club with my niece and nephew. This would also be wonderful to do with your children and some of their friends. Check out this link: BOOK CLUB FOR KIDS where it goes into details to help you make a fun summer Book Club with your children.

6. Summer Reading Journal

I like this idea for older kids that may want to read chapter books. Having a Reading Journal gives them an opportunity to also use their writing skills. Kids can write about their perspective and how they feel about reading their book in a cute Journal. You can find some cute Journals at this link: JOURNALS


Make this summer fun and relaxing, always lead by example and show your kids how you too can enjoy reading time this summer. Thank you for reading about Summer Reading Activities for kids that you can do from home. 


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