9+ Fun Picture Books about Tacos and Tortillas

As I browsed for picture books with Tacos and Tortillas, I realized something… they were making me Hungry! I loved reading through these books about Tacos and Tortillas. One of my favorite books is Dragons Love Tacos. I didn’t know that I had something in common with Dragons, because I LOVE Tacos. If I could I would eat them everyday. In this list you will find fun books about tacos, tortillas, and a bonus burrito book.

1. How To Fold a Taco

Do you know How to fold a Taco? This bilingual picture book goes through the many imaginative ways to fold tacos. The rules are simple, “Have fun, be silly, and make the inside squish!” One of my main rules is that you should only use your hands, which to me makes tacos even more delicious. The illustrations show you the many silly ways to fold and eat a taco. Enjoy reading it in English and in Spanish. Click below to watch the Youtube Read Aloud.

2. Dragons Love Tacos

Did you know that Dragons Love Tacos? It’s their favorite food, except there’s One Rule, DO NOT ADD SPICY SALSA! If you do add salsa, it CANNOT be spicy. Join a little boy and his dog as they prepare tacos for Dragons and learn a lesson from a tiny mistake. This book is available in an English version and a Spanish Version. Watch a Read Aloud Here:

3. Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel

What would you do if all the taco shops and taco ingredients disappeared? Would you go back in time In a time machine to try to save the destiny of tacos? I WOULD! I love tacos just like the characters in Dragons love tacos 2: The Sequel. Join the journey to try to go back in time to save tacos, and if you’d like to enjoy this book in Spanish click Here. You can also find an activity in Spanish from Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking here.

4. This Is a Taco!

This is a story about a Squirrel named Taco, yes, Taco. Why is his name Taco? Well because his favorite food are Tacos. I may change my middle name to Taco, because well, you know why. This is a cute story about Taco the squirrel and how he takes matters into his own hands to change his fate in this story. All he wants are Tacos! Watch a read aloud by clicking on the Youtube Icon below. If you are looking for Taco activities in English or Spanish you can click on this Teachers Pay Teachers Link.

5. Round Is a Tortilla

The topic in this rhyming book is all about Shapes. This book helps children learn about environmental shapes which are shapes you can find everywhere around you. What I like about this book is that it’s interactive in the sense that you can ask your children to point out the shapes they see in each page. In the past I would tell parents to use objects around the house to help their children identify shapes, quantity, textures, and more. Click here for a Parent and Family Guide to help your child learn shapes.

6. Magda’s Tortillas // Las Tortillas de Magda

This is a sweet story about a little girl named Magda and how she tries to make tortillas for her birthday lunch. She is 7 years old and it’s time for her first Tortilla making lesson from her Abuela. Magda gives it her all and she makes many different shapes. Her goal is to make perfectly round tortillas like her Abuela. Read about how Magda’s tortillas become the most popular tortillas to eat. Watch the Read Aloud on Youtube to see how you can make the story interactive.

7. Burro’s Tortillas

You’ve heard of The Little Red Hen, but have you heard about Burro’s Tortillas? In this Spanglish Picture Book you will find how Burro comes across some corn and tries to get his friends to help him make tortillas. Poor Burro, all he wanted was to spend quality time with his friends with a delicious ending, tortillas. I hope Burro’s friends learned their lesson and help Burro make tortillas next time.

8. The Day It Snowed Tortillas

This is a Bilingual edition of author Joe Hayes’ English version, The day it Snowed Tortillas. This book has a collection of stories written (with some retold stories) by the author. It has some illustrations within the book and the stories are set in what used to be the old west in New Mexico. Enjoy how this story takes your mind back in time and learn new vocabulary like “leñador” and “rajaba”.

9. Build A Burrito: A counting book in English and Spanish

This bilingual counting book shows each ingredient that goes into a burrito. This book is great for your little ones to learn to count in English and in Spanish. Watch how Spanish Mundo reads this book on their Youtube channel below.

10. El Toro and Friends: Tacos Today

Here we have El Toro and his friends on yet another adventure, but this time it’s about Tacos! Read about how El Toro and his friends crave different kinds of tacos for lunch. There’s only one thing they need, MONEY! Find out how they creatively work together to earn money to have a Terrific Taco Extravaganza!

If you have any more books about Tacos, Tortillas, or even Burritos, please send a message below. Thank you!


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