Did you know that July 30th is the International day of Friendship? It’s True! It also happens to be one of my Best Friend’s Birthday. What better day than today to Celebrate! Amigos are Friends, and they are important in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 Amigos or 2 Amigos. Making and having friends is important for several reasons:

Emotional Support

They provide Emotional Support during good and bad times. What do good friends offer? They offer a listening ear, understanding, and empathy which often helps us navigate through our challenges in life. 

Social Connection

As humans, we are social creatures by nature and having friends gives us that social connection. It’s healthy to connect with others on a deeper level which in turn gives us a sense of belonging and community. Having social connections will contribute to our happiness and help alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

Mental Health

Having good friends will also help us maintain good mental health. Every time you have social interaction with your friends it reduces stress as well as offering purpose and meaning to your life. Friendships can also help us against health issues such as anxiety and depression. 

Personal Growth

When your friends are inspirational people, they will often offer different perspectives, experiences and knowledge from their point of view. They can help you broaden your horizons and help us grow as individuals by encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones.

Support System

When you surround yourself with a friend or group of friends, you can ask for advice when looking for a new career, navigating a difficult situation, and celebrating milestones in our lives. Friends can enrich our lives as our support system.

Fun and Enjoyment

Have you ever had a friend encourage the server and the cook to come out and dance with you during karaoke night at the local restaurant? I have!  My friend brought out the joy that night in me and in other people, and boy did that leave a lasting memory for me to smile at every time I think about that night. We can share laughter and activities that will enhance our overall quality of life. Make sure to make some time to relax with a friend or two, however you may enjoy your time together. 

Networking and Opportunities

Last but not least, friends can help you with new opportunities on a personal level or a professional level. By simply introducing us to new people or connecting us with valuable resources, friends can expand our social and professional circles. 


Helping kids understand how to make friends is an important task as an educator, especially when it comes to little ones. They are learning about using their words and expressing how to set their boundaries when it comes to friends. How often as a teacher/parent/guardian have you had a child come up to you and report to you that so and so made fun of them? I feel like reading picture books lends itself to having a conversation about good friends. Here is a collection of picture books that you can check out to read on the International day of Friendship (July 30) or any day of the year!

1. Ariol. Amigos del Alma (Happy as a Pig – Spanish Edition)

The graphic novel format (comic book) that this book has, makes it fun for a young reader to get a taste of how other graphic novels are set up. There is a video of an episode on Youtube.com where you can read the subtitles in Spanish as the audio is in French. The book linked above in the title is in Spanish, but you can also try to find the book under the title “Happy as a Pig ”.  You will find several stories within the book that focus on a friendship between Ariol and Ramono. You get to see their interaction between them and other friends and family. 

2. Friends from the Other Side // Amigos Del Otro Lado

A bilingual book about friends that live on opposite sides of the border. Prietita lives in El Paso and Joaquin lives on the Mexican side of the border and they meet near a fence. They both notice differences between each other, and Prietita notices that Joaquin is hurt. Prietita gets to learn about what Joaquin does and where he lives. Sometimes we meet friends that have less than us, and that’s where we can try to be a source of support. Read to learn how Prietita helps her new friend Joaquin. 

3. Para Eso Son Los Amigos

Goat wakes up ready for the dinner that Pig invited them to later that evening. When Goat looks over at Pig’s window, he notices that Pig is crying. Goat is worried and wonders what could possibly have happened to Pig to cause this? Read about how Goat helps his friend feel better. You can listen to the Spanish read aloud here.

4. ¿Seguiremos siendo amigos?

A girl named Ambar and a boy named Justo, are friends. Ambar and Justo are also classmates and Ambar usually goes to Justo’s house where his family watches Ambar, while her mom is at work. It turns out that Justo and his family will be moving to Alabama. What will Ambar do? She will surely miss her best friend. Check out this book to read about these two friends and how they plan to navigate their long distance friendship. Maybe they can be penpals? I know that is something that is not something people do with pen and paper anymore. It’s more common to have facetime and send video messages, voice messages, and memes. Always keep safety in mind if you have little ones that want to keep in touch with their friends (family) through technology. 

5. Harvesting Friends // Cosechando Amigos

I really like how this book focuses on a garden and how it helped nurture a friendship. It starts with Lupe and how she loves helping her mom in her Salsa Garden.  At one point in the summer, Lupe noticed that the juiciest tomatoes were gone. Just like that, it disappeared. She later discovers it was Antonio, a boy that is growing up in poverty. He wanted to help out his family and thought it would be easy enough to take someone else’s tomatoes. Antonio decides to exchange his gold necklace for the tomatoes, but Lupe has a different idea. She tells him that if he helps her with the garden chores for the summer, that she will return the necklace and give him tomatoes. What a great way to rebuild trust and begin a friendship. 

6. ¿Somos Amigos?

Sometimes we show our friendship through generosity, cooperation, being there, without being selfish and sometimes when it takes a little effort from our part. Join two friends, a boy and a bear, as they go through the day to day and show up for each other. This book could easily go into your bear collection or friends collection. ¡Disfrutalo!

7. Perros Amigos

Are you thinking about getting a new pet dog? Well then, get this book! En Español! It will tell you where dogs sleep, what they eat, and how to help them feel safe in your home. It really does give you all the dog care advice you need to become their best friend. You will learn a lot with this book and you can read about dog stories here

8. Amigos

One of the most important things to learn about friendship is diversity. In this book you will read about how a community of colorful rectangles are exclusive to their shape. They did not go to the triangle side of town, the square side of town, or even the circle side of town, and each of those shapes did not go visit each other either!  This book teaches an important lesson in accepting people that are different from us and not judging others by the way they look. Take the time to meet someone new. You can view a short read aloud here

9.  ¿Cómo son buenos amigos los dinosaurios?

This book is from the series “How Do Dinosaurs…” which in Español is “¿Como son … los dinosaurios?” In this book you will be led by many questions and then into how Dinosaurs are actually good friends. A great book to share with kids on how to be a good friend. You can watch a Spanish read aloud video here

10. Amigos By Eric Carle

If you have kids between the ages 3 to 6, get this book! A story about two friends that always had fun and enjoyed each other’s company. It also teaches counting numbers en Español from 1 to 10. A great bedtime story to tell. Practice reading this book with your little ones and talk about the emotions they notice throughout the story. Cesar Gomez reads this book at this link.


Thank you for reading this Blog Post about Friends! I am grateful for the opportunity to share books with you all about Amigos! If you share this blogpost, I thank you in advance. Make sure to follow my instagram to get updates on my posts! If you know of any other titles, please share.


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