Getting Started with TPT

Becoming a TpT Seller as a teacher is not something I knew how to do when I joined back in 2013. That’s the year I joined Teachers Pay Teachers as a consumer of digital products. Teachers Pay Teachers started back in 2006. That was around the time I was getting ready to graduate and become a first year teacher. I did not know about it yet. The years went by and I began to find more resources that I liked on TpT. As a consumer, my goal was to find resources that would enhance my lessons.

Becoming a TpT Seller: When I Became One

I started my store around 2015 or so, but I didn’t take it a little more seriously in 2023. This year in 2024, I made the decision to really put my store out there. Many changes were made: the logo, the name, and my blog followed suit. I would like to say that it has been a solid 3 and a half months on my TpT journey. I not only have digital products on TpT, I also have them on my Blog Shop. 

If we go to the very first products I posted on my TpT, I wish I would have joined and invested in the Seller Membership sooner than I did. I believe that I wasn’t ready when I first posted my products, but when I was, I joined right away.  Did you know that you get to keep more of the money you make in sales if you have a Membership? These days TpT has different types of memberships that you can read and find more about here

What You Will Find

You will find a variety of resources on my TpT store. You will see worksheets, cut and paste, Digital Games, and Coloring pages. Most of the products are Bilingual or available in both English and Spanish. What I mean by either is that some of the resources like Word Search have both English and Spanish Vocabulary Words. The types of resources I have been enjoying how to make are the coloring pages and the Digital Games. The Digital Games can be challenging to make or just take a little extra time to finalize, but they are worth it. You can find an example of one of my games at this link where you can play live. Coloring pages are also fun to make because when looking for images, it’s like a scavenger hunt that you go on. 


I have come across different types of teacher creators that have courses to help me make resources. Things like cut and glue worksheets, I learned how to make by investing in a course that helps me improve my skills. Take the Digital Games, I also invested in a course that has helped me create games. I really like that I can express my creativity in this form. Something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time. Like Jannese says, “Find something you like to do and have people pay you for what you know!” Put those skills to work, people! 

Sure, people out there will say, “Shouldn’t teachers just share their resources with one another?” Which is something I have done with my team at my school. But if you look at it from the consumer point of view, I would want to buy something that was made and pay that person for the effort and time they took to make it. 

Platforms That Support The Store

Being a Blogger helps my store get noticed out there in the world. It has a permanent spot on the internet that people can find when Googling Bilingual Resources. I had an opportunity to join Jannese Torres’ Jump-Start Your Blog Bootcamp a couple of years ago and it has given me the confidence to continue with Entrepreneurship as a Teacher Blogger and TpT Seller. Another platform that helps with my store, and my blog, is Pinterest. I am able to make Pins that I can directly post from Canva, where I design my images and products, to Pinterest and other platforms. If you ever see me on Instagram, please follow and leave a comment to know where you found me. Instagram is also a great platform to get my TpT store and Blog known. I make connections with the neatest people that are on a similar journey as me. 


Again, it’s all about Balance. Finding time in your day or your week to sit down and get your ideas on the computer. It takes time, and that is what I have learned. I take breaks and step away to help clear my mind. Once an idea pops up in my head, I either write it down in my notebook if I have it with me or jot it down on my Google Keep.

Google Keep is a great app because you can type your ideas in there and search for one word and will find it for you within your notes. So, just start. If you have an idea of something you want to create, start. Even if it doesn’t look pretty. Start. Trust me, my very first products I posted on TpT and the cover page and thumbnails were ugly! But I have been improving and learning from some really great mentors that have been in this for a lot longer than I have. 

TPT Advice for Newbies

One of the places I have always looked for advice is TikTok. There is a creator named Teacherpreneurtips and she shares a lot of information about what is new on TpT or what rules to look out for. She encourages Teacherpreneurs to do their own research and be cautious of what we post as our product. 

Another great tip is to look for a mentor that can guide you in the beginning stages of creating your TpT Store. Yes, I know there are many out there but try to find someone that makes you feel comfortable to ask them questions. You can also look up podcasts or Youtube channels that help teachers start their TpT store. It will require you to do some of your own research, but you can get ideas and helpful tips along the way. 

There are so many TpT Sellers out there that I admire. You would probably say, “What’s the point? It’s oversaturated!” is not the mindset you want to have when becoming a TpT Seller. What I learned when I started the blog is that, just because others have done it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to share your voice out there with the world. If you go to the bread section in the Grocery Store you will find so many different types and the shelves always seem to be full. That means there is a taste for everyone, and you won’t always be everyone’s cup of tea either. So put it out there, share your knowledge and what you love to do! As for me I love to be Bilingual and I love to share my knowledge and resources with others and becoming a TpT Seller allows me to do so.


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