July is my Birthday Month and I can’t wait to share some Birthday Bilingual Books I found with you! First of all it is really hot here in Arizona, and to celebrate my birthday, I want nothing else but to spend it indoors with an Air Conditioner, a refreshing iced tea, and a good book. How do you celebrate your birthday? What season does your birthday fall on? Can’t wait to read about it! Enjoy this collection of Spanish, Bilingual, and English Birthday Books.

1. A Silly Milly Birthday: Celebrate a Special Day with a Really Big Dog! 

I just found this book about a really big dog named Milly. Milly is a great dane and she is celebrating her birthday. This book reminded me of the dogs in my life and how they get to celebrate their birthdays. The good news is that the dogs in my life are small and not so big like Silly Milly, the great dane. You can read more Bilingual Books about Dogs here in my previous post. You can watch a read aloud named Silly Milly the Dane by Sheri Wall Here.

2. Canticos: My First Birthday! Mi Primer Cumpleaños and Canticos: The Birthday Book // Las Mañanitas

I really like Canticos books and their music videos. They are so colorful and fun. Check out these two Birthday Bilingual Read Alouds to celebrate a child’s First Birthday. The Birthday Book is a fun book to read in your Dual Language Classroom. If you want to see some of their videos, you should see the Piñata Time Song here

3. Peppa Pig: ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! 

Peppa la Cerdita is a very popular character in her very own show but also in books! I recently gifted my niece a Peppa Pig book in Spanish, and she loved it! This book is for a more advanced Spanish speaker, but you can also go over the pictures with early readers. You can watch an episode of Peppa’s Birthday Episode here

4. ¿Quién Ha Soplado Mis Velas? 

It was Nico’s birthday and he was having a party with family and friends. When it was time to blow out the candles, someone kept blowing them out before him. But who!? Read to find out who kept blowing them out and the reason they gave. If you want to see what the book looks like inside, you can watch the read aloud here on this link.

5. El Cumpleaños de Moira

Moira wants to have a huge celebration and wants to invite all the grade levels in her school. When she asks her parents, they both disagree and tell her that she can only invite 6 kids. ¡Terca! (Stubborn!) She ended going to school and giving in and inviting all the kids from all the grade levels from her school. Of course Moira had to problem solve the situation in order to entertain ALL those kids!  Read this Robert Munsch book in Spanish for your Dual Language Students or for your Spanish Learners at home. Enjoy this read aloud through this link.

6. El Cumpleaños de mi hermana Dulce // My Sister Dulce’s Birthday

To celebrate a birthday estilo Mexicano, is to make sure you include a Piñata! Join Dulce and her friends as they go on the hunt for birthday treats in this Bilingual Picture book. It will inspire you and others to include a Piñata for your next Birthday Celebration. Don’t forget to sing “Dale, Dale, Dale, no pierdas el tiro, por que si lo pierdes, pierdes el camino, ya le diste una, ya le diste dos, ya le diste tres y tu tiempo se acabo!”  Listen to Canticos Version of this song here

7. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños pequeño Búho!

This is the Spanish version of “Happy Birthday, Little Hoo!” by Brenda Ponnay. It is a countdown from 10 to 1, which is perfect to help your littles learn how to count backwards. Little Hoo, is excited for their birthday and every day will ask his parents if it’s their Birthday. Each day counting down to the birthday celebration, is a busy day to do something that will lead to Little Hoo’s Birthday! You can watch a read aloud in English here

8. El Cumpleaños del Circulo Rojo

A colorful Spanish book about Circle’s Birthday Celebration. Read as each friend that shows up with a gift for Red Circle’s celebration. This is a great counting book as well that not only offers a way to count objects, it also gives the opportunity to point out colors and shapes en Español!  You can watch a read aloud through this link. A great addition to your Shapes, Colors, and Counting Library collection for your classroom!  

9. A Bean and Cheese Taco Birthday // Un Cumpleaños con tacos de frijoles con queso

I love Tacos! The best Birthday Parties have been the ones that serve Tacos. I joke, tacos are a perk to the celebration. In this Bilingual Book by Diane Gonzales Bertrand, you will join a brother and sister as they go on a quest and try to enjoy sister’s request for Bean and Cheese Tacos for her Birthday. This book reminded me of my childhood family birthday get togethers at the park to celebrate birthdays with a carne asada, a piñata, and cake.  

10. Un Señor Oso Para Mi Cumpleaños

This is cute story about a boy who is celebrating his birthday at the park and finds a friendly bear. What would you do with a friendly bear? Would you take the bear home? How would you tell your parents about the bear? I’m not sure I would want my niece or nephew bringing a bear to their house. That would make their dog very upset. This book is in Spanish which is a great way to practice birthday vocabulary. If you have a bear themed book bucket of picture books, you can easily add this to your collection.  

11. Discover Series: Birthday // Cumpleaños

This book is full of colorful birthday themed pictures that help to introduce the concept of birthday celebrations to little ones. It’s great for developing language and vocabulary. You can also use it to do a picture walk with younger kids that aren’t reading just yet.  

12. A Birthday Cake For Ou r Friends // Un Pastel de Cumpleaños Para Nuestros Amigos 

English – Spanish Version of “A Birthday Cake For Our Friends” by Olga R. Zaslavsky, is a book where you can rhyme, draw, color and even make a delicious recipe with your littles with the recipe in the book. Known to be an interactive book that is perfect for your family, big or small. 

13. Happy Birthday: From The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

Enjoy this easy book by Eric Carle to celebrate that special kid in your life. This book can be used to introduce the concept of birthdays to your littles. I enjoy how Eric Carle’s artwork stays consistent even with this book that isn’t one of Eric Carle’s classic titles. Give this book as a gift for a child or for a teacher. Also, if you’d like to see a read aloud you can see one here

14. Spot’s Birthday Party

I actually found a video of The Adventures of Spot – Spot’s Birthday Party that you can watch here. You can get your copy of Spot’s Birthday Party by clicking on the linked title. I would easily add this book to my Birthday Bucket or to a Bucket of Picture Books about Dogs. Enjoy this book at home or at school. 

15. Happy Birthday, Mouse!

If you haven’t read any of the Laura Numeroff “If you give a … a … “ Books, you are missing out! I love these books for the opportunity to teach kids about sequence and comparing and contrasting. In this book Mouse’s birthday is being celebrated, and of course Mouse gets easily distracted by choices, donuts, muffins, brownies, and you can only guess what Mouse chooses as his Birthday Treat. This book is only available in English, for now. You can have Birthday Book Category in your Classroom Library and have the birthday kid in your classroom choose a book to be read to the class by them or by the teacher (depending on the reading level of each child). You can gift this book to your favorite birthday kid in your life. If you’d like to see a read aloud, check it out here

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Thank you for reading this Birthday Blog post! I am grateful for the opportunity to share books with you all about Birthdays! I am extra grateful for being able to celebrate another Birthday! If you share this blogpost, I thank you in advance. Make sure to follow my instagram to get updates on my posts! If you know of any other titles, please share.


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