It Gets Techy Out Here

As a classroom teacher, pre and post pandemic, I have always searched for helpful classroom online tools. In today’s classroom we have so many more options available and the best part is that the majority of these tools are FREE! Check out the list below and if you have any ideas to share make sure to share a comment below.


ClassDojo has so many tools in one site. This website is also available as an App on your phone. ClassDojo has a point system, a parent communication platform, timers, team builders, social emotional lessons, and much more. I usually use this tool in my classroom for the point system. My students love it because they get to design their own monster avatar.

How do parents get involved? Easy they simply download the App for free. There is a pop-up that will offer a paid version of the App, which I always forewarn parents about. Parents sign up with a QR Code or Teachers can send an invite with a Parent Phone Number or Email. Check it out for yourself to see if you like it.

ClassroomScreens has a free and a paid version available for users. ClassroomScreens has so many tools within it. It starts off with a default background and then you can add a timer, a message, a video link, a schedule, and more! This tool is a SUPER Tool for classroom teachers because there is so much you can do within one site. 10 out 10 recommended for most grade levels. I am a kindergarten teacher and have seen multiple grade levels use it as well.


This free Picker/Spinner Wheel website is ideal for games, choosing winners, choosing activities and any creative ideas you may have for a spinner wheel. You can type in names or titles for the spinner wheel to display. Another option is to add images, the only dislike about the image you choose is that it’s not an image you can upload from your saved files. The website provides images that you can search for within their website and the images are very limited. An alternative to is

WordWall is a website that has a library of different games from spinner wheels to game shows. Many different types of learning games that can played whole group or independently. I recently searched, “digraph word wall game” and a game show popped up and I was able to play the game in a whole group setting. Many great teachers have created and shared their game concepts for Thank goodness for teachers that share with other teachers!

Google Slides

Google is an Educators Best Friend. Sure, there are many tools out there, but not many of those tools are free. As educators, more and more school districts have made the big switch from Outlook to Google products. One of the most valuable tools offered is none other than Google Slides. There are so many games, informational slides, and collaborative projects for students. Some of these games are just a Google Search away. Just last summer, during summer school, I was able to find a Google Slide Jeopardy Game Template to help my 4th and 5th graders. If you are looking for a Google Slide Game you can go to Teachers Pay Teachers to find what you need. If you wanted to check out some of the Google Slide Digital Games I have available, check out the Bilingual Education y Más TpT store. Read my previous Blog Post to see the variety of Digital Games I offer.

I am so glad that as teachers we have more Helpful Classroom Online Tools available at our fingertips. With today’s technology integration in the classroom, having a toolkit full of Online tools for teachers/educators is a must.


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